Equipping – Furniture And Appliances For Shelters

“No2Violence” was established in 1977 in Herzliya, in order to save women and children suffering from domestic violence, enabling them to leave and start a new life by providing them with shelter, professional help, vocational training, legal aid and by raising awareness about domestic violence.

“No2Violence”‘s main activity is the management and operation of 3 shelters for abused women and their children.

Currently, “No2Violence” is finishing building a new shelter in the central region of Israel and beginning building an additional new and modern shelter. In these shelters women enjoy intimate and luxurious units for the whole family (mother and children).

To allow the mother to live with her children in the comfort of their unit, each unit is equipped with special beds and special furniture appropriate to the needs and living conditions. The warm, homey, embracing atmosphere is created by insisting on the quality and aesthetics of the furniture. Curtains, artwork, a television, a personal computer and decorative accessories that adorn the rooms lead to a sense of belonging among people staying there.

Daily activities in the shelter occur mainly in the public spaces; kitchen, dining room, living room and garden, which give the place heart, and give women a feeling of togetherness. Women meet in these spaces for a chat, encouragement, support and simply for companionship. For some, it is the first time in years they can sit with a friend over a cup of coffee and talk without fear, without being watched and without needing to apologize to an abusive partner.

Women and children stay in the shelter for a limited time (averaging about six months) and high turnover leads to the deterioration of existing equipment.

Replacement and renewal of equipment and furniture requires resources that are not funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs, therefore “No2Violence” raises the funds.

What do we need?

Industrial kitchen appliances – about 80,000 ₪,

Living room furniture – about 150,000 ₪

Furniture for kindergartens and recreation rooms – about  50,000 ₪

Computers children – about 20,000₪

Jungle gym equipment–  45,000 ₪

Household items, bedding, towels, etc.– about 60,000 ₪