About "No2Violence"

“No2Violence” was established in 1977 in Herzliya, in order to save women and children suffering from domestic violence, enabling them to break away and start a new life by providing them with shelter, professional help, vocational training, legal aid and by raising awareness about domestic violence.

No2Violence‘s main activity is the management and operation of 3 shelters for abused women and their children.

No2Violence has several 24/7 emergency hotlines run by volunteers, and the legal unit, managing the legal proceedings for women in the shelters and providing legal advice for women who are domestic violence victims but not entitled to legal aid.

No2Violence hosts lectures, seminars and workshops, within and outside the shelter for various organizations, such as the IDF, high school students, police officers, medical personnel, women’s groups, students and others.

Over the years, No2Violence has managed to save the lives of many women and revolutionize domestic violence awareness in Israeli society.

To date, the organization has provided services for approximately 6,000 women and 8,500 children.

No2Violence operates 24/7 emergency hotlines for women and children in distress  at 1-800-353-300

The Team

Yael Gold

Executive Director

Yael joined No to Violence in 2015 as the Executive Director. Previously she established and managed the Department of Medical Rehabilitation for those suffering injuries from motor vehicle accidents, was the manager of several organizations providing services for the handicapped and disadvantaged, and was the director of an umbrella group of Micha, the organization to care for the needs of hearing impaired children. Yael holds a Bachelors degree in social work from the Hebrew University and an MBA with a specialty in non-profit organizations

Merav Shoval Tzafoni


Merav is the Director of the Department of Legal Services for No to Violence. She has held this position since 2004. She specializes in family law and provides legal advice to the women residents of our shelters. She also represents them in divorce proceedings in the civil Family Court and the Rabbinical Court.

Narkiss Tal

Personal Assistant

Narkiss is the Assistant to the Executive Director and is in charge of resources development. Before joining No to Violence, Narkiss was the administrative director of “Be-Atzmi” and “Olim be’Yahad”. She previously served as the manager of training organizational development for the gas company Paz. She holds an MBA with a specialty in Organizational Behavior from Tel Aviv University.

Board of Directors

Ruth Rasnic

Chairperson and Founder, No2Violence

Recipient of the Israel Prize for her life’s achievements, Ruth has been a leading activist for women’s rights and social justice in Israel. Her activities have raised the public’s awareness to the phenomenon of domestic violence and violence in general, which have led to a positive change in the status of women in Israel’s society, as well as assisting government agencies to improve their services in the struggle against violence. Ruth was a pioneer in the Feminist Movement and the organizations which she established were paramount in the struggle for equal rights for women and the disadvantaged. Ruth founded No to Violence in 1977 and has published many articles on the subject of domestic violence. Ruth is a member of the Herzlia City Council for four terms. She is a writer, poet and translator.

Ed Freedman, Attorney

Ed joined the Board of Directors of No to Violence in 1978, and currently serves as the organization’s Treasurer and legal adviser.  He is the Vice President of European Golden Oldies Rugby

Marcy Shain Messa

Marcy ran her own desktop publishing business until her retirement. In 1986 she began volunteering at the shelter in Herzlia.  In addition she participated in a project co-sponsored with the City of Herzlia to accompany women to the Family Court. In 1989 she joined the Board of Directors and currently serves as the organization’s Secretary.

Dorit Sarid

Dorit joined the Board of Directors in 2006 She  was formally an editor and contributor at the newspaper “Yediot Ahronot” for 24 years. Now in retirement, she is an active volunteer at The Road to Recovery organization, and Gnazim Archive of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel.

Maya Katz

Maya serves as both Deputy Mayor and Acting Mayor of Herzlia. She holds the portfolios for transportation, urban renewal, and youth affairs. She is also Acting Chairperson of the Building Committee, and a member of various other committees in the city of Herzlia. She is also a director of the Herzlia Development Corporation Ltd.

Ofra Bell

Ofra is a deputy mayor for Herzlia, holding the Sports portfolio, and she is the chairperson for the “Sons of Herzlia”. She also holds the Foreign Affairs portfolio which includes cooperation with Sister Cities around the world. Ofra’s duties include hosting youth delegations, and she is responsible for public relations with the diplomatic community.

Bat Sheva Streichler

Bat Sheva joined the Board of Directors in 2000. In 1997 she joined the Board of The Women’s Network of Israel. She founded and is the Executive Director of the Friends of this organization. She produced the book,” Mekadmot Shivyon”, 30 years of the Network. Bat Sheva is a board member and chairperson of the Scholarship Committee of the The Commercial and Industrial Business Club, as well as a board member of the Yiddishspiel Theater. She is an appointee by the Minister of Welfare to the Gender Equality Forum. Previously Bat Sheva was the director of the “Tiltan” organization. She was the Executive Secretary of the Women’s Council of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and was an advisor to local city councils for raising the status of women.

Professor Meir Teichman

With a degree in clinical psychology, Meir is Professor Emeritus of Psychology from Tel Aviv University’s Bob Shappel School of Social Work where he was Department Head. He began his volunteer work at the shelter for battered women three decades ago. For many years, together with Ruth Rasnic, founder of the shelter, Meir ran a weekly therapy group for the shelter’s residents.

Lea Gora, Attorney

Leah is an attorney specializing in family, estate and civil law, including litigation. Besides serving on the No to Violence Board of Directors, she is also a member of several boards for social welfare organizations. Leah is a long-time resident of Herzlia.

Rivka Ben Arzi

Rivka has been a financial manager for 13 years with an “Imut” company. From 1993 she was finance director and administrator for the Shiram Company. She is also a graphologist and is director of the Graphology Department at Shiram. She is a volunteer with the City of Herzlia for community projects.

Gili Sagy

Gili has been a hotline volunteer with No2Violence since 2008. She is the coordinator for the duty roster for the volunteers, providing service 24/7. She owns a family business in the import and marketing of food and coffee.

Yuval Bar-Ner

A long-time CEO and owner of an advertising agency, Yuval is an expert in developing marketing strategies, specializing in international food markets. Yuval presents his cooking show on various TV stations, broadcasted as “Tastes and Flavors with Yuval Bar-Ner”. As a resident of Herzliya, Yuval is a Past President and member of the Sharon-Herzliya Rotary Club, which is a major contributor to Herzliya community.