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“No2Violence” was established in 1977 in Herzliya, in order to save women and children suffering from domestic violence, enabling them to break away and start a new life by providing them with shelter, professional help, vocational training, legal aid and by raising awareness about domestic violence.

No2Violence‘s main activity is the management and operation of 3 shelters for abused women and their children.

No2Violence has several 24/7 emergency hotlines run by volunteers, and the legal unit, managing the legal proceedings for women in the shelters and providing legal advice for women who are domestic violence victims but not entitled to legal aid.

No2Violence hosts lectures, seminars and workshops, within and outside the shelter for various organizations, such as the IDF, high school students, police officers, medical personnel, women’s groups, students and others.

Over the years, No2Violence has managed to save the lives of many women and revolutionize domestic violence awareness in Israeli society.

Shelters for women and their children
Women who have got a new start
Children who learned to trust again


He limits you and forbids you from doing what you love.
He prevents you from getting together with family or friends.
He is extremely jealous and watches your every move.
He wants to know where you are at all times.
He has extreme mood swings and you cannot predict his reactions.
He hurts you, is sorry, and apologizes, and you accept and forgive.
He is suspicious and panicks that you are cheating on him.
He accuses you and his surroundings for his issues.
During disagreements and differences of opinion, you choose silence.
You automatically obey him, without stopping for a moment to think, “Is this what I want?”.
He denies his violent conduct and makes you responsible for his outbursts.
He threatens to hurt or kill himself if you leave him.
He promises that if you change – his behavior will change…
This is not love.

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L’Oreal has pampered the women and girls in one of the “No2Violence” shelters with a fun day, with hairdressers who came and gave them a cut

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